One of the most distressing feelings during the winter is coming home after a tiring day only to find your furnace is out of commission! Those cold winter nights are meant to be spent hibernating in your warm home, not agonizing over the cost of your furnace repair. Ensuring your furnace is safe and operational before harsh Canadian winter conditions is paramount to your safety and comfortability. 

Preparing your furnace for these colder months can prevent that morning chill, making early mornings easier and nights sheltered and warm. Here’s Inkster Heating & Cooling’s four-step guide on preparing your furnace for the winter.

Give A Thorough Cleaning Of The Furnace Room

This is an essential, yet often overlooked, preparation step when it comes to furnace winter arrangement. The room where your furnace is located often becomes used as a functional storage room during other seasons. This can result in clutter or covering of the furnace and, therefore, needs a de cluttering before winter settles in. Vacuum the furnace room and the furnace’s exterior surface to get rid of dust and dirt. The furnace should always be visible and away from other objects.

Replace and Clean the Air Filters

The furnace’s first line of defense is it’s air filters, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to keep them clean. Replace the air filters or thoroughly clean the current filters in the furnace unit and continue to do this monthly. Regularly cleaning or replacing the air filters will limit the amount of dust and dirt in your furnace and extend its lifespan. 

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Continuous furnace maintenance is key to ensuring your furnace investment is efficient and reliable for years to come. Scheduling your furnace maintenance as soon as possible is essential to save you money and prevent needing repairs in the future. You can rely on Inkster Heating & Cooling to find ways to improve your home’s air quality, add ventilation for comfort or replace your existing furnace in Winnipeg with a premium, efficient and reliable furnace unit you’ll love.

Turn On That Thermostat

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to switch your heating on and set the temperature to a few degrees above your fall house temperature. You should hear the heat power promptly, but if you do not, remove the furnace cover and confirm the wires are connected and plugged in properly. If your connections are plugged in properly, check your power sources, the furnace unit’s fan or heat pump.

For top-quality ventilation services in Winnipeg or to find an affordable, premium furnace upgrade in Winnipeg, you can rely on Inkster Heating & Cooling. Our family-owned company is committed to ensuring your family stays warm all winter long! We can provide efficient, seamless HVAC installations or replacements to guarantee your home’s optimal comfort. With over 10 years of experience, we are passionate professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the best HVAC care. To request a FREE estimate, contact us today.