There is a lot to think about when buying or replacing your existing HVAC unit, and size is an important aspect you must consider. The size of your system matters, so you need to take this into account so that you select an HVAC system that is suitable for your needs. Your unit’s size will affect its ability to function properly, so keep the following in mind:

Balanced Humidity

HVAC systems have many functions and one of the main ones is to balance the humidity of your home. If your unit is the wrong size, it will have a lot of difficulty managing this task and your humidity levels will be off as a result. The gathered water must be able to fully exit your home in order for proper dehumidification to take place and this will only work if your system is the right size. Humidity first gathers on the coils and then drips into a tray and finally drains outside. If your unit is not properly sized, this entire process will be affected and may not take place at all or may run for too long, both of which are problematic. If your unit is not sized correctly, it will lead to imbalanced air moisture inside.

Proper Cycling

HVAC systems run in cycles and a unit that is properly sized will be able to gradually heat or cool your home. If you get a system that is too large, you will end up with cycles that run too fast or cycles that shut off quickly, which can lead to uneven temperatures or incomplete humidity removal. If you get a system that is too small, your unit will take longer to run and you will end up wasting energy.

Wear and Tear

Undersized or oversized HVAC systems will result in wear and tear, and if your unit is always in the process of shutting on or off, it will end up using more energy than it can handle and overworked HVAC systems will always require more repairs. This means you will end up spending a lot of money on repairs if your system is not sized correctly but you can avoid this simply by choosing the correct size. A professional HVAC technician can have your unit correctly sized, and doing this will avoid you having to replace your unit prematurely.

Energy Costs

Oversized and undersized units will use up more energy and this will cause you to spend more money because the cycles will be off. Your system will run more frequently if it’s a bigger unit or for too long if it’s a smaller one. Energy is one of the main reasons why your unit should be properly sized, so make sure you take this aspect into consideration.

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