There are a couple of telltale signs that your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it used to. Yes, you could very well just notice that your bills are higher and that you simply aren’t as comfortable as you used to be in your home, but we would like to assume that’s not the reason you’ve come here. It is usually pretty obvious when you don’t feel the cool air anymore, and higher utility bills don’t give you much insight into what you should do about your air conditioner.

The following are a few less obvious signs that your A/C might need some TLC.

1. Age

The average air conditioner, even when properly maintained, is only expected to run approximately 15 to 20 years. Proper maintenance only goes so far, as everything wears out eventually, no matter how well it’s taken care of. Eventually, your system will either become so inefficient, have multiple pieces breaking down at once, or a combination of both, that the only logical next step is to purchase a new unit.

Alternatively, your system might be so out of date, that the costs of running the system outweigh a newer, more energy-efficient version, even if it appears to be running fine. Air conditioners currently older than ten years may also have a variant of refrigerant that is not used in modern versions anymore, as they have been deemed environmentally unfriendly. Leaking this type of refrigerant may not only be expensive to repair, but potentially difficult to locate the refrigerant required.

2. Longer Cooling Cycles

It’s possible that your air conditioner is simply having to work harder by running longer than it used to. Although this may be a result of the unit itself having worn out parts, it may not be time to replace it yet.

Dirty air filters are a common culprit, as it has collected sufficient dust to require a conditioner to work harder to force air through the same filter. The good news is that these filters are relatively inexpensive, and replacing one is a simple task. Blocked ductwork is another potential culprit, and should be given a thorough cleaning on a regular basis to ensure air can continue to circulate through the system.

3. Abnormal Sounds

Your HVAC system should never make more noise than a gentle hum while under normal operation, and only very slightly more noise on startup. Especially if your HVAC system is making different noises than those you’re accustomed to hearing from it, that is generally not a good sign. Some examples of abnormal sounds for any A/C include banging or clanking, screeching, hissing or bubbling, loud buzzing, or constant clicking. If you hear any of these things, you will likely need professional assistance to fix it.

4. Different Temperatures In Different Rooms

Similar to earlier, you may simply have blocked ducts in your home that lead to air being blocked from entering one or more rooms. It is also advised to check your floor vents to ensure you haven’t closed or blocked one by mistake. A larger problem might involve leaking ducts, which may involve holes or improper installation. Seeing an increased volume of dust throughout your home may indicate that dust from the attic or behind the walls is getting into your ducts and being blown around your home.

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