Following the proper steps when switching your HVAC system from your air conditioner to your heater will ensure your system functions properly no matter how cold the winter season is so that you and your family remain comfortable.

The first step is to remove all window units if you have them. Many people think they can leave them in throughout the winter but storing them in your home is a much better idea. Always take them out and place them inside so that you preserve them better and don’t run into any problems when the time comes to use them again when the weather gets warmer.

The second step is to clean your unit if you have one that is outside of your home. Taking the time to do this will ensure it works properly when you need it once again in the spring. Eliminate any debris that have been trapped, including branches, leaves and twigs and proceed by using a hose to spray away all of the dirt and remove any dust that has accumulated on your unit. You must do this carefully so that you don’t bend any of the fans or damage any of the parts, and once you’re done, allow the unit to dry completely.

Once you see that your unit is dry, place a cover over it to prevent any dirt and dust from making its way into the unit during the winter. Invest in a high-quality cover or tarp as it’s very important to provide your unit with the proper protection so that moisture and other debris do not affect or damage it. This completes the things you must do outdoors and can move on to the inside of your home.

Changing your air filter is very important, so you must know how to locate it within your home. Air filters need to be replaced every three to four months or maybe even more often if you find there’s a lot of construction around your area or see a lot of wind. The reason this is so important is because changing the filter will eliminate the chances of it being clogged, which will lead to your HVAC system having to work harder in order for it to be able to push the air throughout your home.

Following these steps will allow you to winterize your HVAC system so that you’re ready for winter by preparing your heater. If you would like a professional company to take a look at your unit, contact Inkster Heating & Cooling in Winnipeg for all of your furnace, ventilation and air conditioner needs. If you want to stay warm and cozy this coming winter, give them a call today!